Solar panels and battery storage

Solar panels (Solar PV) capture the sun's energy using photo voltaic cells

Even on a cloudy day, the cells still generate electricity. They are a cost-effective solution for lots of customers considering switching to renewable energy and are suitable for domestic and commercial use.

Most solar panels are installed on rooftops, although floor-standing panels can also be installed. To generate the most electricity, a solar PV system should face between south east and south west, and be free of shade.

Solar PV systems are easy to install, need virtually no maintenance and are estimated to last at least 40 years. In most cases, planning permission is not required. Systems connected to the grid can export excess energy, or you can connect your system to a battery, to store it for later use.

Battery storage

Surplus energy generated by your solar power can either be sold to the grid, or stored for later use. In most cases it is more cost-effective to store the electricity. We can advise on and install a battery storage system which will maximise the savings you can make and reduce your reliance on the grid, based on its capacity and power output.

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To be as effective as possible, renewable energy systems need to be tailored to the site and premises. We will consider your site and buildings and advise on the best technologies and solutions for your home or business.

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