We advise our customers on a range of renewable solutions

What’s going to suit you best will depend on your energy needs, your reasons for choosing renewable energy, your buildings and the space you have available. We can provide the consultancy and design stages of your project, or handle everything from initial consultation.

Domestic customers

We offer a low cost consultancy service, with the cost deducted from the design and installation stage once you decide to proceed.

We will visit your home (please note, due to Covid 19-restrictions, this visit may be conducted virtually using video calling) to talk to you about your requirements and assess the suitability of your property. We will prepare a proposal outlining the solutions we recommend and advising you of grants and incentives which may be available.

The second stage is to design and specify the solution for you to sign off and order the products you will need.

Finally, once you have decided on the solution for you, we will bring in one of our certified partners to install it.

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Commercial customers

Due to the varying sizes and nature of commercial premises and the range of solutions available it’s vital that you ask an expert to consult on the best solution for your business.

Our consultants have many years’ experience in renewable energy, including both new-build and retrofit solutions, so we’re ideally placed to give you the best possible advice.

We’ll visit your premises to discuss your objectives and requirements and survey the site to ensure we provide the best solution for your needs. We can also advise on grants, incentives and planning issues.

Next, we’ll design the perfect solution for your premises taking into account the survey findings, your budget and your aims. Some commercial customers are looking to make significant savings, while others are more focused on reducing carbon emissions and while renewable energy solutions will contribute to both aims, the precise solution for customers may differ depending on your priorities.

Finally, once you have decided on the solution for you, we will bring in one of our certified partners to install it.

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International customers

Solar farms are becoming an increasingly popular option for landowners across the globe. They can provide a stable, secure source of income from generating electricity for the local grid – supporting local economies and communities.

With our vast range of experience in large scale infrastructure projects in the utilities and renewables arena, we are expertly-placed to consult and advise on your projects.

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We operate across the UK and internationally, providing services to commercial and domestic customers

The e-oligy consultancy service

To be as effective as possible, renewable energy systems need to be tailored to the site and premises. We will consider your site and buildings and advise on the best technologies and solutions for your home or business.

We’d love to discuss your project with you.

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